adverb       Towards a higher place or position.
Adjective   In a cheerful mood; ebullient.
Noun          A period of good fortune.
Physics       Denoting a flavour of quark having a charge of + 2/3.  Protons and neutrons are thought to be composed of combinations of up and down quarks.

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Verb            Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.



Noun          Up the stairs; to or on an upper floor or level


Upstairs@Nilupul Website 2

 A quiet, peaceful, place…    Soft relaxing music…   Unique artwork….    AND… no noisy machines…..!

There’s something for everyone
from Meat to Vegan from Raw food salads to delicious home-made soups!

Sample the very finest quality
White, green & black tea from around the world, served just exactly as it should be!…

‘kick back’ on one of our Upcycled sofa’s with a rich speciality coffee…

Treat yourself to a delicious fresh fruit smoothie.

Our menu consists of fresh meals made with fair-trade produce and organic raw whole-foods sourced from local suppliers and specialist outlets including Braithwaites &  The Cheesery.  Tasty traybakes and award-winning scones from Keptie Bakery and Shonagh,  our talented volunteer!

It’s the perfect venue for a business meeting, lunch or a family gathering and we can even cater your special event, please just pop in and ask!!!

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